Seasoning a New Aluminum Pot for Brewing

June 26, 2013 by Matt | 0 comments

I’d had my eye on this sweet 60 qt. aluminum stockpot and Smart and Final.  My awesome wife picked it up for me, and now it’s been delegated to brew tomorrow.  First thing is first though, before you brew beer in a new pot you’ll want to get an oxidation layer on the inside.  This will guarantee you’ll not get metallic flavors in your beer.  You probably wouldn’t anyways by not seasoning, but better safe than sorry.

The traditional method of seasoning an Aluminum pan is to usually heat it, oil it and reheat.  However since this is brewing, we want to keep any contact with oil out of the question.  In our case as brewers, we’d like to get that oxide layer I explained earlier on the inside of our pot to ensure there won’t be direct contact with metal.  In our case the easiest way to build up this protective layer on the inside is to simply boil some water in our pot.

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