Tomato Harvest is On!


Brandywines and Cherokee Purples Ripening on Vine

Pink Brandywine and Cherokee Purple tomatoes ripening on vine

The Cherokee Purple and Pink Brandywine are going wild now.  They’re not setting new fruit well due to the temperatures, but thanks to an early start they have tons of fruit on them ripening.  Friday and Saturday morning resulted in a harvest of seven pounds of Cherokee Purple and five pounds of Pink Brandywine.  Hopefully this brief cool down we just got will give me some new fruit setting, but time shall see.

Ripe Cherokee Purple and Pink Brandywine Tomatoes

Ripe Cherokee Purple and Pink Brandywine tomatoes


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  1. Woohoo! Congrats! My Marianna’s Peace and Better Boys have just started to turn towards ripening too, and I’m getting my first cherry tomatoes ready to eat off the plant. Can’t come soon enough.

    • Awesome. I have a ten foot row of sweet corn that is almost complete, once harvested I’m going to plant a line of heat tolerant tomatoes to finish out the summer. Hopefully I can find something in a decent volume planter this late in the season. The 100F + weather up here in the San Joaquin Valley is making my plants grow like crazy, but they’re not setting fruit due to pollination issues with high temps. I have a Solar Fire as of now, which is a heat tolerant tomato, and it’s going crazy.

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