Finalizing the Reclamation of the Fence


View of Fence with the New Beds

The new beds with the landscape feature along the fence.

Day two of my fence bed project began as the first day.  I raked my bed clear of debris, collecting the rocks to the side so I could properly shape the remainder of my bed.  With a sizable collection of rocks I began a little water collection/potted vegetable growing area.  Before any digging or construction was done I completely surrounded the first bed with a space for water to flow.  I dug a three inch wide trench to a depth of four inches that ran for foot to connect the bed to the water collection area.

Next, I dug a 24″ deep hole with a diameter of 30″ or so for the water collection area.  I removed the soil to and filled the bottom six inches with sand.  Over the sand is a six inch layer of smaller rocks followed by a decorative layer of larger rocks.  From the bottom of the well I placed stones up and out from the center.  Once the rocks are laid to the top of the well I just repeated what I did for the first bed at the second bed to make the trench for excess water to flow in.

Close up of the Water Collection area

Close up of the water collection landscape feature

With the water collection area finished the remaining work of preparing the bed for planting went quickly.  As with the other bed I hoed to a depth of 12″, applied slow release fertilizer and tilled in compost/mulch in to the soil.  Once the soil was prepared used my hoe to form up the rows and the tines on the head of the rake to compact and finalize the shapes.  With the rows shaped and ready to go I made the holes for seeds every six inches and planted the row with Sugar Dots cultivar of corn.

Beds Along Fence with Landscare/Water Collection Feature Between

The water collection/landscape feature between the two beds along the fence.

A few hours of some good ol’ fashioned hard work has netted me an additional 15 sq. ft of gardening space.  Not only is it additional gardening space but it has also made the back yard look significantly nicer

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