Seasoning a New Aluminum Pot for Brewing

June 26, 2013 by Matt | 0 comments

I’d had my eye on this sweet 60 qt. aluminum stockpot and Smart and Final.  My awesome wife picked it up for me, and now it’s been delegated to brew tomorrow.  First thing is first though, before you brew beer in a new pot you’ll want to get an oxidation layer on the inside.  This will guarantee you’ll not get metallic flavors in your beer.  You probably wouldn’t anyways by not seasoning, but better safe than sorry.

The traditional method of seasoning an Aluminum pan is to usually heat it, oil it and reheat.  However since this is brewing, we want to keep any contact with oil out of the question.  In our case as brewers, we’d like to get that oxide layer I explained earlier on the inside of our pot to ensure there won’t be direct contact with metal.  In our case the easiest way to build up this protective layer on the inside is to simply boil some water in our pot.

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Making Your own Crystal (Caramel) Malt at Home

June 24, 2013 by Matt | 0 comments

There’ll be days in which you want to brew but lack the ingredients.  This was my case the day after Christmas 2012 and decided to give making my own Crystal malt at home so I could brew. I originally documented my process over at reddit, but feel it’d be invaluable to have on the blog as project.  Time from start to finish will be 4 hours or so.  Thankfully you can step away for fairly significant chunks of time during the early steps of the process, later on during the roast you’ll want to constantly supervise.  At the end of this post you’ll find my recipe to my Aramis Pale Ale that was made with this homemade Crystal malt.  It’s a English style Pale Ale made with Aramis, a French hop that has tons of noble flavor with a touch of lemon.

Finished homemade crystal malt at home.  Left to Right: Dextrin, Crystal 20, Crystal 40-60, Crystal 80-120

Finished homemade crystal malt at home. Left to Right: Dextrin, Crystal 20, Crystal 40-60, Crystal 80-120

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June 20, 2013
by Matt

A Year Later, A Failed Promise and Moving On

So, a year ago I planned on updating this blog more after moving into a new house, setting up a new garden, but other things priority and that never happended.  This year with another garden and a love of brewing it’s time to flush this website out more.  Over time things may change, but most importantly, I hope, I’ll actively add more content!

July 23, 2012
by Matt

A New Year, A New House and A New Garden

Holy cow!  This site dead for the past year due to the lack of motivation coming from ripping out the garden because of a force of move.  While being told by your rental company your land lord is going to sell sucks, it also forced us into getting a new place, meaning a new house, of our own.   This year, with my own place I’ve planted a proper 600 sq. ft  garden.  In the next few days I’ll be updating with more on the garden.  Hope to post more recipes, gardening, and home brewing content this year!

July 7, 2011
by Matt

Corn Sprouting in New Beds

Closeup of Corn in Bed

Closeup of the young corn.

The corn I planted in those nifty beds a couple of weeks ago is really starting to take off.  I’d expect by September it’ll be ready to harvest.  Once this corn gets a bit taller in the bed pictured above I’m going to plant some crookneck squash and pole beans to attempt a three sisters garden.  Once I undertake that feat I’ll be sure to share how the experience goes. After the jump is another picture showing both beds and my neighbors grapes that are bound to be stolen!

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